Mothers Day 2016



The Set


Vitamin E- Moisture Cream 50 ml


Pink Grapefruit -Eau de Toilette 30 ml











Pink Grapefruit -Body Scrub 50ml

Pink Grapefruit – Shower Gel 250 ml


The Body Shop – Loofah


Vitamin E – Body Buter 200 ml


The Body Shop – Limited Edition Mother’s Day Tote Bag



Thunder and lightning in Mauritius

It is not the first time there was thunder and lightning in Mauritius.  But today, it was a different experience. Born and raised in Mauritius (though studied abroad) I can speak for the last 27 years that there had never been a weather like this (specially without any cyclone warning on Mauritius).

Here is a quick video.

It was continuous thunder and lighting with minimal to no intervals over a long span.  Not much rain though, the noise was like New Years Midnight incessant fireworks.